• Warranty Cover


    Magno–Flo fuel conditioning unit for the period of 90 days commencing on the date of installation by a Magno-Flo authorised representative. The warranty covers purchase price of unit only.


    If after having a Magno-Flo fuel conditioner fitted you find no evidence of improvement, to either fuel efficiency and/or lower emissions. Magno-Flo Limited will reimburse the cost of purchase through our 90 day money back guarantee


    Magno-Flo fuel conditioner does not invalidate your vehicle warranty as it is designed to condition your fuel, not alter the engine or its management system


    Magno-Flo will reimburse the cost of any repairs, proven to be a direct consequence of fitting a Magno-Flo fuel conditioning device

  • Limitations of warranty


    It excludes any units not fitted by a Magno-Flo authorised representative.



    Magno-Flo reserve the right to inspect and modify an installation



    It excludes any units that have been refitted in part or completely by anyone other than an authorised Magno-Flo representative.



    It excludes units damaged in any way whether this is in the course of a vehicular accident or by deliberate means - and damage of any type.



    Calculation errors can occur caused by local environmental conditions and/or incomplete data and changes in driving patterns.


    Neither Magno-Flo or any of its authorised distributors shall in any way be liable to you and you hereby waive any direct, indirect, economic, special, commercial, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages (including without limitation) loss of profits, loss of business revenue or earnings, lost data, data call cost, telephone call cost, damages caused by delay or failure to realize expected savings arising from or in conjunction with the use or performance of the Magno-Flo fuel conditioning unit , even if Magno-Flo or an authorised distributor are aware of the possibilities of such damage.



    Neither Magno-Flo nor any of its authorised representatives or distributors shall be liable for any Magno-Flo fuel conditioning device installed not in accordance with Magno-Flo recommendations. I.e. in accordance with the Magno-Flo fitting instructions issued to all company-commissioned installers as standard.


    You cannot transfer this Limited Warranty to another person, appliance or vehicle without prior written agreement by Magno-Flo Ltd.



    Goods being returned must be in a re-saleable condition.



    This agreement does not affect your statutory rights.