• 360 Degrees

    On 360-Degree Excavators, our device generated an immediate and noticeable increase in torque which resulted in significantly enhanced operator productivity. Our device can also be used with generators, whackers, and any other similar device that employs fossil fuels, with the additional benefit of reduced noise pollution. In the case of the Volvo generator, the decibel noise level dropped from 100dB to 89dB.

    Terex Oil

    For the Terex oil sampling trials, we fitted our devices to their 1,200HP Cummins Diesel engine, see the image below with the devices fitted. The trial lasted 1.5 years. Every 2.5 weeks the engine oil was sent to the National Coal Laboratories for analysis.

    Marine Engines

    We've also successfully fitted to very 'thirsty' marine diesel engines, obtaining a 10% fuel saving. Our latest test rig is a Scania, 480hp vehicle with a Euro 6 diesel engine. We're currently monitoring consumption with on-board Telematics and are currently achieving a 6% reduction in fuel usage. We're experimenting with the positioning of our device to determine if we can further increase that saving.


     The following vehicles are typical examples of those to which we have attached our heavy-duty device, both domestically and internationally.


  • The Results

    Trials were taken over a 2yr period, oil sampled every 250 hrs.