• Reducing Emissions

    Protecting the Environment

  • 100% Guaranteed

    We provide a 90-Day, 100% GUARANTEE to private vehicle users, that if the device does not work for you, we will provide a full refund, provided that the device is returned in a resaleable condition.


  • CO2 - emissions reduced by 22.7%

    NOx - emissions reduced by 60%

    Fuel-saving - 12.4%

    Ford Motor Company in separate trials following evaluation fitted Magno-Flo to their entire fleet of delivery vehicles

    Terex Group fittedMagno-Flo to their vehicles and observed a 65% reduction in engine oil contaminates


  • Why Magno-Flo?

    Motor Vehicle

    • 7-23% better fuel economy
    • Less wear and tear on the engine, with a 50% decrease in oil usage
    • 'Smoother' running engine
    • Increased torque and, equally important, extended engine life



    • Fewer emissions, due to the cleaner burn
    • Less carbon damage to the EGR valve and the exhaust system with a 65% reduction in harmful contaminates
    • Adapted to fit petrol, diesel, and bio-fuels
    • Significant reduction in noise pollution



    • Ease of fitting
    • Does not break into the fuel line, and therefore has no effect on the manufacturer’s warranty
    • No moving parts, no maintenance
    • Easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle
    • Lifetime warranty!



  • History of Similar Devices

    2nd World War

    The effect of magnetism on fuel to improve its combustion is nothing new. It was first used during the Second World War by the Royal Air Force on Mustang, Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft and shown to produce greater range and better performance from poor quality fuel.


  • How Magno-Flo Works

    The Science Behind It

    By using the correct strength of magnets and fitting them in the correct position on your vehicle, you will see a gain in MPG, a torque increase and a smoother running engine.


    The powerful magnets are altering the molecular structure of the fuel, by magnetising certain molecules.


    These molecules, when magnetised, become attracted to each other and create a finer spray. This in turn gives a better detonation by burning more efficiently.


    The Smaller Device

    • Plastic-coated, specially engineered, magnetic product, designed to be re-used for years as you change and upgrade vehicles.


  • Environmental Impacts

    NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) causes a wide variety of health and environmental impacts because of various compounds and derivatives in the family of nitrogen oxides, including nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, nitrous oxide and nitrates.

    Ground-level Ozone (Smog) - is formed when NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react in the presence of heat and sunlight. Children, people with lung diseases such as asthma, and people who work or exercise outside, are susceptible to adverse effects such as damage to lung tissue and reduction in lung function.


    Tests on vehicle emissions, with and without Magno-Flo produced the following results:

    Without Magno-Flo


    Test at FAST idle WITHOUT:

    • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) 1.80%

    • NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) 320ppm

    With Magno-Flo


    Test at FAST idle WITH:

    • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) 1.70%

    • NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) 200ppm



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  • Recent Reviews

    We have many testimonials from satisfied users of Magno-flo.

    Listen to what some of our recent customers had to say:

    Stephen Dally - Regional Manager (North)

    I was first introduced to Magno-flo in April 2017 and took up the offer of a free trial of their ‘fuel saving’ device being fitted to my car (BMW 5 Series 2 litre Diesel). I was rather sceptical initially, but as soon as the device was fitted (which takes only a couple of minutes), I drove my car and noticed an increase in power.


    I’ve had the device fitted since and my fuel consumption has noticeably improved. In April, my car was returning 38 miles per gallon (MPG) and this has increased to 44 MPG (August 2017).


    On two occasions previously, I had issues with my car (albeit under warranty) with the ‘Exhaust Recirculation Valve’ (EGR valve) becoming defective, which effectively puts the engine into ‘limp mode’ – Since this device has been fitted, there have been no further problems.


    I subsequently arranged for the Torrent Trackside fleet of vehicles (company cars/commercial vehicles/MEWPs within the Northern Region) to be fitted with these devices and had some emission tests carried out with some fantastic results (In one case the N0x [Oxides of Nitrogen] reading on a Glasgow-based transit van was reduced from 64 parts per million [ppm] to 0 ppm, as a result of the device being fitted).


    We are now looking to fit these devices to our Southern Region’s vehicles.


    James Hickling - Depot Manager

    I was introduced to Magno-flo in July 2017 after emission tests had been carried out to some of our company owned fleet of Ford Transit vans. All of our Depot Managers had been gathered in Glasgow for a meeting and John Brown from MagnoFlo was invited along to explain his fuel saving device.


    After explaining what the device could achieve, John offered to fit one of these to my Vauxhall Insignia car. Immediately after fitting the device I could tell there was an increase in mid range torque – the performance had noticeably improved.


    On the journey North up to Glasgow, my Insignia had given an average MPG of 66. On the return trip however, with the device fitted, it returned an average MPG of 72 (See photo below) with an almost identical journey and time taken.


    I have since had these units fitted to all my Rotherham-based Transit vans. John came to site and fitted these – a process that only takes a few minutes per vehicle.


    Thanks, Magno-flo.


    FES Renewables

    "At first I was sceptical that such a simplistic device could produce the efficiencies being discussed and ultimately financial savings for the company.


    We tested 1 car, 3 Transit vans and 3 connect vans for a period of 3 months before we purchased. The savings produced on the fuel economy were between 10% and 12%. We then asked our insurers to investigate if this had an impact upon our premium or policy and they stated they had no issue with the fitting of these across our fleet of vans. We have now purchased 250 and are in the process of installing them across our fleet."


    M1 Taxis

    "All our fleet vehicles are fitted with Magno-Flo as the drivers notice not just the increase in economy, but the vehicles appear to run quieter and smoother."


    Binn Skips

    "(Vehicle 1) over 2 months saving of £367, (vehicle 2) over 2 months saving of £370, (vehicle 3) over 2 months saving of £97"


    Duncan Stewart - RBS

    "I noted the fuel efficiency in my Audi A4 2.0TDi for the 150 mile trip to meet John at 41.3 mpg. On the return trip this went up to 48.1mpg in exactly the same conditions - and I felt the engine giving more power!"


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