• Renfrew Council Trial

    Feb 2010

  • The Results

    This trial has been conducted over the last three months, November, December and January 2010 and has been compared with the same three months of last year. Despite the adverse weather conditions that we are experiencing this year, the trial has proven, yet again, with proper monitoring in place, all of the refuse collectors fitted, have seen fuel savings between 4.24% and 14%. Renfrew council is the first Scottish council to purchase Magno-flo units.

  • The Evidence


    Ford Ranger

    Fleet No. 1538

    Fuel Saving 8.5% 



    Fleet No. 1525

    Fuel Saving 14.0%

    Refuse Vehicle 26 tonne Volvo



    Fleet No. 1588

    Fuel Saving 4.24%

    Refuse Vehicle 18 tonne Volvo



    Fleet No. 1609

    Fuel Saving 10.33%

    Refuse Vehicle 26 tonne Volvo

  • What the trial, so far, has shown is that all of the HGV’s have fuel savings ranging from 4.24 - 14%, which is a considerable increase

    On the Ford Ranger, I am pleasantly surprised to see a fuel saving of 8.5%, given the weather conditions that we haven't experienced for over 28yrs, along with the fact that it has optional 4 wheel drive, which, over the last two months would have been frequently utilised (not good for mpg).