• A & R Burnett

    T/A Wood Brothers

  • The Results

    We currently run 25 HGV's on a variety of tasks - bulk tippers, bulk tankers and cement mixers. In early July we were approached by Kevin McCauley with a view to trialing the Magna-flo product on some of our vehicles. As M/F offered a free six week trial we decided to give the product a try with a view to purchase if we saw the improvements that had been quoted.


    Our vehicles are running at maximum gross weight on 80% of loaded journeys and we decided to try it on four vehicles on differing tasks and specifications to see if we saw an overall improvement.

  • The Evidence


    Scania R580 v8

    Previous Consumptions (mpg) 6.6

    Current Consumptions (mpg) 7.3



    Scania R480

    Previous Consumptions (mpg) 6.7

    Current Consumptions (mpg) 7.02


    Scania P380 (Rigid 32t)

    Previous Consumptions (mpg) 9.3

    Current Consumptions (mpg) 9.7


    Volvo FH13 480

    Previous Consumptions (mpg) 7.1

    Current Consumptions (mpg) 7.7

  • The fuel consumption has risen on all four vehicles in the trial, also noted by drivers was an increase in torque which lead to the lorries running smoother, The Scania R480 and the Volvo have automatic transmissions and these seem to work better as a result of the increased torque.


    As a result of the trial we are fitting the magna-flo product to all of our vehicles.