• Quattro Plant

  • Attracting savings

    M/F was asked to complete emissions trials on behalf of Quattro Plant at their depot in Scotland.

    The test comprised of a before and after scenario; The vehicles that were on trial had their engines emission tested before the fitting of the M/F device, after the fitting was completed readings of the vehicle’s emissions were taken once more. After a period of around a month the same vehicles had their emissions taken.


    Vehicles under trial included the following;


    Ford Ranger reg no SA69GDX Range Rover reg no SO19CKY Mercedes van reg no BD19DXL


    DAF Truck reg no CA16VZP Volvo 750hp Tractor unit reg no AB20KAN



    The emissions tester used for to detect the emissions was a Snap-On device and holds a current calibration certificate.

    Vehicles were recorded at idle and full speeds where applicable.

  • Summarising emission test results

    This was a wide variety of vehicles under trial ranging from a pickup to a top of the range Volvo Truck.

    All vehicles under trial have shown a significant reduction on their CO2 and NOX values, coupled with an average fuel saving ranging from 8% on the truck to an average 18% on the Car/Van units, for every 1% fuel saving equates to a 1% emission saving.


    Due to the cleaner burn created by the device under extensive oil sampling trials it was shown that there was a 65% reduction in harmful contaminates entering the engine oil, thus extending an engine’s life expectancy as with reducing carbon entering an engine’s EGR valve.


    The device is easily removed from an existing engine and fitted to your replacement vehicle.

  • The Results

    To see the results from the trial use the download button.